Honor, Valor, Humility

"Today's the Day!!!" – Mel Fisher

Honor, Valor, and Humility

As I continue to keep this question of what our Crusader Culture is in the back of my mind (consequently learning more about “culture” than my four year degree in … Continue reading

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What Can We Learn From Supporter Culture?

[A Note to My Crusaders: This post is copied over from my personal blog. I promised to write this article a while back, and I found that some of the … Continue reading

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Rascal Manifesto

Viktor Frankl was a survivor from a Nazi concentration camp in WWII. He developed a philosophy that not only saved his life, but allowed him to live a long life … Continue reading

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Who were the Crusaders?

Developing a Team Culture, much like any significant adventure, is benefited by a good understanding of its history. So who were the Crusaders for whom we are named? Thomas Madden, … Continue reading

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